Sunday, May 24, 2009

Browsing at the Bookstore

Tony Fucile has created a new picture book that I justed discovered at the bookstore today titled, Let's Do Nothing. IS IT POSSIBLE FOR A CHILD TO DO NOTHING? Blonde-haired Frankie and red-haired Sal have decided that they have tried everything . Finally Sal, has a super idea, "Let's Do Nothing". Sal creates scenarios for himself and Frankie to imagine doing nothing. However, everytime Frankie imagines doing nothing it is interupted by him doing something. After a series of expertiments in an attempt to do nothing they finally realize it is impossible to do nothing. So there is only thing left to do and that is "Something".

Author, Tony Fucile said, "Great ideas come out of a bored or quiet mind".

Check out the Candlewick press interview with Tony Fucile as he talks about his new picture -

This is a fabulous read-loud for elementary school classrooms. Second and third graders would relate to this story. It also lends itself to acting out scences and having students see if they can do nothing. I see lots of Let's Do Nothing stories coming out of reading this title aloud.

I can definately see future Frankie and Sal books and will be looking for them.

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